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Firm Overview

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Our law firm specializes in providing legal representation for personal injury cases. Mr. Fischer has represented hundreds of claims for over 25 years and has extensive experience and expertise in negotiating fair settlements as well as successfully taking cases to arbitration, mediation, and trial. Our staff is extremely accessible and provides personal attention and support, responding promptly to inquiries and to the specific needs of our clients. There are no fees or costs unless our clients receive a settlement or verdict. Mr. Fischer serves as a Small Claims Court Judge and has gained experience in seeing both sides of issues, and therefore, is able to negotiate effectively and competently with insurance companies.

Our law firm specializes in representing landlords in landlord-tenant disputes in Alameda County and Contra Costa County. Mr. Fischer is well-versed in the regulations and restrictions inherent in the Just Cause Ordinance (Measure EE) in Oakland, which details specific requirements for evictions in Oakland. Mr. Fischer has over twenty years of court experience.

Our law firm handles unlawful detainer actions; we can draft three and thirty day notices, as well as legal complaints, that will withstand judicial review; we can arrange for serving tenants with legal papers, and can take the case through the entire legal process, up to the sheriff's eviction. When appropriate, Mr. Fischer has successfully negotiated fair, reasonable, and economical settlements with tenants and tenants' attorneys.

Without additional cost, Mr. Fischer invites your questions concerning evictions: Which notice is appropriate (3-day or 30-day), and under what circumstances? How long does the eviction process take? What is the most economical way to evict a tenant? Can the landlord evict a tenant without going to trial? After a tenant has been evicted, what does the landlord do with the security deposit, or with property that the tenant has left on the premises?

Please call Mr. Fischer if your tenant has failed to live up to the terms of his tenancy. Find out what can be done.

Areas of Practice

Auto AccidentsBus and Train Accidents
Truck AccidentsPedestrian Accidents
Catastrophic InjuriesDog Bites
Premises LiabilitySlip and Fall Accidents
Home Owner Injury ClaimsEvictions (Unlawful Detainers)


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